The Stewardesses are responsible for providing the elements for Holy Communion. They also assist the ministerial staff with Holy Communion and Baptismal rites. Stewardesses are appointed by the pastor.

Usher Board

  The Mt. Zion Usher Board’s mission is to ensure that all members and guest feel welcome upon entering the sanctuary.  They also strive to meet the needs of the Pastor and congregation before, during and after worship service.  The usher board is comprised of senior as well as youth members. 

Sunday School

The mission of the Sunday School is to teach, train, nurture, prepare and recruit adults and children in God’s word for Christian service, emphasizing those Christian principles which are essential for effective Christian growth and participation.  Classes meet at 9:45am.

 Class Leaders

Class Leaders are appointed by the Pastor and serve as a vital link between the Pastor and the members of his/her respective class.  Each member is assigned to a Class Leader and the Class Leader is responsible for maintaining contact with each member and making report to the Official Board of any sickness, concerns or any other issues which may affect the spiritual and/or financial commitment to the Church.

Lay Organization

The purpose of the Lay Organization is to organize and train the laity of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. We are committed to expanding/spreading the word about our history, traditions, principals, discipline, evangelism, financial and general well-being of African Methodism. The Lay organization is also charged with keeping alive the memory of our founder, Bishop Richard Allen. With respect to the constituted authority, or the pastor, the Lay Organization works to stimulate and educate the entire Laity in the total program of the church. The Lay members are required to study the book of Discipline to stay abreast about the law of the church. It encourages financial support of the church’s programs and teaches stewardship practices to the youth and new members. The Lay organization supports the various church programs and organizations and gets involved with social action within the church community. 

 Women’s Missionary Society

Mission: We are called to strengthen our faith and sent to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ by service and witness in the world.

The Cates-Hester Women’s Missionary Society of Mt. Zion AME Church is an organization that works within the confinement of the Church and into the communities where there are needsWe accomplish this mission by distributing hot meals to the homeless, supporting the AME Empowerment Center and various other outreach initiatives and projects as designed by the Area Conference, District and Connectional Leadership.

Young People’s Department (YPD)

The Young People and Children’s Division serve under the leadership of the Cates-Hester Women's Missionary Society and includes ages 2 to 26.  The purpose of the organization is to provide meaningful youth training programs and opportunities for leadership experience in all areas of church life. By providing training in Evangelism, Christian Social Relations, and Education programs the YPD is designed to connect youth more fully to the mission of the church and increase knowledge of the African Methodist Episcopal Church history and the scriptures. 

Sons of Allen

The Sons of Allen Ministry named after founder, Richard Allen was established to equip men of the church for meaningful service, to reach unchurched men, and to present positive role models for our youth in the community.